Medi Terra restaurant

Medi Terra restaurant combines Roman 'art de vivre' and Moroccan crasftsmanship. Mediterranean dishes are coupled with superb décor and olive trees.

  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • A tribute to Mansour Eddahbi's cultural voyage
  • Blend of cultures and flavours
  • A showcase of 'art de vivre' 

Manso Bar & Lounge

Unwind and mingle with a cocktail on our rooftop Manso Bar & Lounge. Cool ambience and invigorating cocktails are highlights of this social spot.

  • Rooftop lounge and bar
  • Oasis garden views
  • Astronomy features
  • Opulent artistic structures
  • Cocktail menu

Nozha Coffee Shop & Take Away

Nozha Coffee Shop & Take Away offers various drinks, homemade breads, pizzas, sandwiches, paninis, cooked meat and pastries 24 hours a day.

  • Light meals, special products and pastries
  • Enjoy your selection at Nozha or take away
  • Splendid woodwork and marble floor
  • Iron forged lamps
  • Stone fountain

Dahbi restaurant

Discover an authentic Moroccan culinary experience with garden views at Dhabi restaurant, a setting inspired by the vivid hues of the Medina.

  • Moroccan culinary experience
  • Hues of the Medina
  • Extensive garden with jasmine and olive trees
  • Arab architecture and stitched leather walls
  • Modern moucharaby violet panels

Jamra Bar & Grill

Jamra Bar & Grill offers an exquisite blend of barbecue cuts, savoury light meals and refreshing drinks in a contemporary outdoor setting.

  • Authentic dishes in a contemporary setting
  • Menu with plenty of choice
  • Fresh vegetables grilled over charcoal
  • Traditional specialities served outdoors
  • Casual and relaxed atmosphere

Saray restaurant

Surrounded by jasmine and olive trees in a courtyard, Saray offers international and Moroccan dishes in an atmospheric caidal tent setting.

  • Buffet with Moroccan and international dishes
  • Caidal tents and associated décor 
  • A unique cultural and culinary experience
  • Quality Moroccan wines 
  • Delicious dishes in a welcoming atmosphere