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Sharm El-Sheik is situated on the Southern tip of the Sinai peninsula, Egypt. With the Red Sea on one side and the mountains of Mount Sinai on the other.

The most accessible and developed tourist resort communities on the Sinai peninsula. The area combines the simplicity of the sun, mountains, sea and sand. A wide variety of water sports, shopping and entertainment opportunities.

  • Old market Sharm El Sheikh

    A good range of traditional Egyptian souvenirs can be found around the many shops, bazaars and shopping centres in Sharm El Sheikh.

    • The largest collection of shops
    • Egyptian souvenirs
    • Excellent for shopping
    • Reachable within 20 min from the hotel by car
  • Shopping at SOHO Square Sharm El Sheikh

    A large cross-section of retail outlets, that offers high quality goods at affordable prices.

    • Retail outlets
    • A wide choice of exclusive and fashionable shops
    • Quality goods at affordable prices
    • Reachable within 20 min from the hotel
  • Naama Bay

    Na'ama Beach is one of the center of the tourist activities. Located just north of Sharm, this area is developing into a resort town of its own. Most hotels at Na'ama Bay have their own, private beaches with comfortable amenities such as chairs, shades and even bars.

    • In walking distance to the hotel
    • Lights of Bedouin-style and modern restaurants
    • Na'ama Beach
    • Cafes
  • Il Mercato

    Il Mercato is a shopping street/ mall located in Hadaba. Il Mercato is the open air version of Dubai’s Il Mercato, and designed by the same architect.

    • Open air mall
    • Enchanting shopping and entertainment experience
    • Excellent facilities and a sophisticated ambience