Get to Know Our Management

Olivier Chavy


Olivier is a leader with hands-on hotel experience and a true passion for hospitality. His talent and flair shone from a young age, becoming General Manager of the iconic Hotel Normandie in Deauville, France at just 27. He has since risen to prominence in a range of high-profile industry roles. In September 2016, Olivier joined Mövenpick as CEO.

A truly global citizen, Olivier is fluent in three languages and travels 280 days a year, so when he’s off-duty, he likes to enjoy the simple things in life: home, family and friends, and the great outdoors.

Out of the office you’ll find him sailing, water-skiing, or sitting at home on his terrace overlooking the lake, savouring a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad. In this sense Olivier is Mövenpick through and through; he enjoys natural moments of wonder.

Ola Ivarsson

Chief Operating Officer Europe

Ola is a firm believer in the power of customer service and makes it his mission to ensure every Mövenpick guest leaves their hotel surprised and delighted.

This dedication to service delivery and commitment to high standards of hotel management is in his blood – he is a true veteran of the hotel industry with decades of hospitality experience.

A Swedish national, Ola strives for excellence in everything that he does, and is an accomplished equestrian, a keen carpenter, and a budding chef. At home near Zürich he enjoys the outdoor life and when he’s not in the saddle riding a horse, he can often be found behind the wheel of a tractor.

Alan O'Dea

Senior Vice President Africa

Hospitality is Alan’s passion. He studied Hotel & Catering Management at university in his native Ireland, and has spent more than a decade with Mövenpick, most recently introducing the brand to new markets across Africa.

Managing teams and devising tactics comes naturally to Alan – he is the oldest of four brothers and in his youth, was an accomplished Gaelic Football player.

He still follows the sport avidly from his home in Dubai, and remains committed to family and Ireland. He returns to the Emerald Isle with his wife and young children every summer where he has been known to dust off his much-treasured vinyl music collection.

Alan, who is also a rugby fan, appreciates the value of team spirit, putting him in good company at Mövenpick.

Andreas Mattmüller

Chief Operating Officer Middle East and Asia

Andreas has a real sense of adventure. He likes discovering new, off-the-beaten track destinations, which is just as well given his career has taken him to all four corners of the globe.

His joie de vivre is matched by his hotel experience. A graduate of the prestigious Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne, ‘Andi’, as he is affectionately known by colleagues, has dedicated almost 40 years to the hospitality industry.

At home in Dubai, Andi loves to explore the city and the desert by motorbike. In Switzerland, the home he shares with Mövenpick, he’s sure to head off-piste to the snowy ski slopes.

Paul Mulcahy

Senior Vice President Commercial

Paul is inquisitive and loves to travel, meeting new people and experiencing exciting destinations. He has spent more than 20 years globetrotting the world while forging his successful career in the hotel business.

He’s a navigator at heart, and sails close to the wind – literally – as a keen windsurfer and licensed powerboat captain. His focus and drive have helped successfully guide Mövenpick through unchartered waters, with fast emerging digital and distribution models making waves in the industry.

Paul embraces innovation (he believes driverless cars “will happen”), but at the same time enjoys the simpler things in life. That’s why family time is sacred. His downtime involves cooking Asian cuisine, catching up with friends, and playing board games with his children (“even the princess ones”, he admits).

Pascal Voyame

Chief Financial Officer

Pascal is a number cruncher who has his eye on the ball. As an accomplished accountant, finance and asset management are his professional passion. However, in his ‘next life’, the devoted football fan aspires to play in the English Premier League.

He shuns all things ostentatious, and instead, appreciates simplicity and authenticity, two values that make both Pascal and Mövenpick inherently Swiss.

Pascal is methodical, modest and thoughtful, and his quest for a clutter-free existence takes him on the road with his wife to their favourite destinations in Europe and Asia. When he retires from Mövenpick, Pascal will head to Thailand to study Buddhism and ride his bicycle.

Craig Cochrane

Senior Vice President Human Resources

Craig is a people person who embraces diversity. Born in the UK, he travelled the world with his family, as a child experiencing a variety of cultures. This fuelled his desire to work in the hotel industry, helping people from all walks of life to make the most of their careers.

A man of compassion, Craig often travels to Madagascar, where his wife was born, to support a charity that helps underprivileged children. In his spare time, he studies philosophy, psychology and politics, such is his fascination with human nature.

Craig’s ongoing journey of discovery also takes him to new restaurants. He’s a self-professed ‘foodie’, but fortunately, he’s a keen runner too. When he’s not keeping fit, Craig watches sport, particularly football, and listens to “heavy music”; such is his eclectic taste.

Floor Bleeker

Chief Information Officer

Floor is a tech guru like no other. He is not only MBA material, but a dynamic problem solver. He’s spent more than 15 years honing his hospitality IT skills and has brought energy and enthusiasm to Mövenpick’s technology team.

Off duty, Floor is a Dutch super dad who loves to take his daughter horse riding and on desert hacks. He also takes time out to read to her and her classmates every Tuesday.

A solutions architect needs focus, and Floor leads a varied life to sharpen his mind. He relishes practicing yoga in his garden, scratching tracks in his home DJ booth, and having a kick-about with his local football team.

Andrew Langdon

Chief Development Officer

Andrew feels most at home in Asia where he has spent his entire working career. He’s an Aussie with a passion for hotel development, and likes to wax lyrical about the subject.

A leading hospitality sector authority and a capable orator, you’ll find Andy speaking at industry events or lecturing at universities. He’s also put pen to paper, authoring several articles on topics ranging from asset management and hotel management contracts, to investment and finance.

He’s a sociable fellow and enjoys and meal and a chat with friends and family. Like most hoteliers, Andy loves to travel, particularly to far-flung locations where he can hike or ski. He’s inquisitive and intuitive, and loves to explore new destinations ripe for development opportunities.

Our Board of Directors

  • Jürgen Fischer, Chairman, Dubai, UAE
  • Gordon Drake, Dubai, UAE
  • Sarmad Zok, Dubai, UAE
  • Luitpold von Finck, Bäch SZ, Switzerland
  • Rainer Maschmeier, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Gerd Peskes, Essen, Germany